These days, quite a number of manufacturers have found place in the international market in the field of musical instruments. Most of these well known brands manufacture digital pianos. But, most of these leading brands fail to actually manufacture a digital piano which would be more than sufficient for the musicians and truly give them the feel of the instrument. Thus, with low satisfaction level and less scope to explore and exploit the instrument, the users think it is just a waste of money when it comes to buying digital pianos. The digital pianos are basically a substitute for the acoustic pianos, and most digital pianos prevalent in the market these days do not have the actual feel, sound quality or the touch of that of an acoustic piano, thus failing in its basic criteria to qualify as a proper digital piano. Moreover, these digital pianos often fail to captivate the nuances which are very important and inevitable part of an acoustic piano which makes it what it is. And this is where the Yamaha Clavinovas series of digital pianos make their mark. With the presence of two extensively unique feature of Advance Wave Memory or AWM and Graded Hammer Effect or GHM, these pianos are a landmark range in its league. This range makes Yamaha and their range of digital pianos very impressive and appealing to the users. And the Yamaha CLP-220 digital piano deserves a mention here as it is basic but yet worthy to qualify as one of the best digital pianos in the international market.

Design & Ergonomics:

The Yamaha Clavinovas CLP-220 digital piano has a classy and elegant look. This entry level piano is worth adoring by its looks as well as its features. This instrument has a set of 88 graded hammer keys which are sensitive and are available in four different touch formats, namely, hard, medium, soft and fixed. The Yamaha CLP-220 has a dark rosewood finish and has a sliding key cover in the cabinet. This instrument is available is three other colours – mahogany, polished ebony and cherry. Thus users have quite a variety to select from according to their fancy and décor.  It also features three pedals, allocated for three various functions of sound modulations. The three pedals can be used to manipulate or add to the sound effect with a damper, sostenuto or a softer note. With a height of 82.2 cm, a width of 140.8 cm and a depth of 42.4 cm, the Yamaha CLP-220 digital piano is of the regular generalised size and has an average weight of 45kg.

Yamaha CLP-220 Digital Piano


Not only is the Yamaha CLP-220 digital piano great in its appearance and looks, but is also well loaded with various features, effects and sound modulations. This highly popular instrument is powered by a sound engine by Yamaha, namely the Advanced Wave Memory sound engine or AWM, which is present in more or less all the latest models of Yamaha CLP series. Other than this, the Yamaha CLP-220 digital piano has an internal memory or storage capacity of 352 KB. The instrument also sports two headphone jacks for private practice and has dual speakers for loud practice which are of size 12 cm x 6 cm. Moreover, there is a MIDI input and output port. Overall this instrument is not only a piece of sheer elegance and an eye candy but is also well accustomed for professional usage and has enough features to make it a noteworthy name in the list of digital pianos which are available in the international market.

Sound Quality:

The Yamaha Clavinova series is quite well known for its out of the league sound quality and the CLP-220 model stands out as a unique digital piano in its league with a few additional appealing features. The Yamaha CLP-220 digital piano not only fulfils the criteria of a digital piano, that is, it not only works as the best substitute for an acoustic piano but also tempts the users with its outstanding quality of sound. Moreover this instrument offers the users a number of interesting stereo piano samples. This sports a number of unique effects and samples like that of acoustic pianos, harpsichords, vibraphones, church organs, electric pianos and string ensemble to name a few.

The Song Recorder:

The CPL 220 has a special feature of recording. This feature can be used by users to record various performances of compositions. There is a record button on board which enables or disables the recording function. Pressing this button will make the instrument start recording and then when the user has recorded whatever he had to, he can again press the recording button (REC) which will cease recording. This feature is also known as one-click recording. A play button is also located near the REC button. Pressing this after a recording would play back the recorded segment or song and pressing it again would stop play back.

With a low internal memory of 352 KB, users can record just one song on the CLP-220 Black Colour digital piano, or as a matter of fact can save a composition which has a maximum length of 11,000 notes. But the MIDI input and output helps users to use the on board MIDI interface which can be utilised to transmitting compositions or sequences for saving and editing to a device like computer or laptop. Thus, the song recording feature along with the other essential components are very simple to use and very easy to understand. Thus, this instrument is user friendly to a great extent and not only in terms of usage and handling convenience but also by its add on features.

The GH Keyboard:

The GH keyboard or the Graded Hammer keyboard is another speciality of the CLP-220 88 key Piano. This progressive hammer action keyboard which comprises of 88 grade weighted keys is based on a weighed mechanism. This implies that, like that in a Grand Piano, the keys in this digital piano also grow heavier gradually as it descends from top to bottom. Generally, digital pianos use oil dampers or more often springs to bring up and stimulate the feel of an acoustic piano. But, in this digital piano, it is all about mechanical linkage and weights which gives the graded hammer keyboard an outstandingly impressive feel and realism.


Polyphonic sound is at its best in the CLP-220 digital piano. This very impressive instrument has 64 note polyphony. This means, that at the same time, a musician or any other user can play up to 64 notes at that very moment. And to help and assist this highly unique feature to work as desired, a sustain pedal is provided, which when depressed, the notes which are held start moving up towards the count of 64. Thus polyphony at its best in the Yamaha CLP-220 allows the user to compose even better and much more harmonious sequences.

Yamaha CLP 220 Piano Keys Closer View


The digital reverb is a feature sported by the Yamaha CLP-220 digital piano, helps it produce realistic rich sound like that of an actual grand piano. With the help of AWM or Advanced Wave Memory, which is a sophisticated stereo sampling mode of generating tone, and with the assist of the 88 key Graded Hammer (GH) keyboard, the CLP-220 can match up the sound quality and texture of the Grand piano along with the golden notes and detailed resonance like that of the actual piano. This digital piano produces full nuances like that of an acoustic piano. And this is brought about by the 64 note polyphony, the three attached foot pedals, a 1 button song recorder and MIDI input/output terminals. Thus, with this model of Yamaha digital piano, users and budding musicians can not only play around with different sound effects, play various preset samples, but also record their own compositions and create a whole new world for their inspirations and aspirations.

Wide Range of Instrument Voices:

The Yamaha CLP-220 digital piano sports a wide range of sampled instrument sounds. Users can find this feature very interesting and helpful as these stereo sampled sounds add to the realism and sound tones of the instrument, and users can enjoy fondling with all these various instrument sounds to find the perfect one for their sequence. The wide range of preset stereo samples include

  • Two varieties of Grand Piano
  • Two varieties of Electric Piano
  • Two varieties of Church Organs
  • Two varieties of Harpsichord
  • Vibraphone
  • Strings

The Special Features Overview:

The Yamaha CLP-220 digital piano is a powerhouse of added features. This adds an extra edge to its performance, as well as its popularity amongst the masses. Other than all the special and unique add-ons already mentioned, this digital piano also offers its users a choice from a range of four various reverbs. These are – Room, two modes for hall and a stage reverb. Moreover, a user can alter or manipulate the depth of each along with the wet or dry mix. And this feature is applicable to not only live playing, but it can also be imposed on pre recorded segments or compositions. For example, a user can set any of the reverb modes and can also set a depth or mix for the same according to their own will. This can be done and redone any number of times. Thus, this feature helps users to have their composition sound the exact way that they want it too and also can try out various other reverbs and modes.

To top it all, the Yamaha CLP-220 digital piano sports a very unique dual voice mode. With the help of this mode, users can combine, that is users can set any two voice modes from the wide range of voice selection which is available. Not only that, the individual settings for these voice modes can also be manipulated and controlled according to the users will. The volume and the octave for both the voices can be set externally and a metronome can be used by musicians to keep a sequence on beat. Other than this, a piano touch mode is also present which helps in adjusting the sensitivity of the keys, a mode called transpose mode, which is helpful in tuning the piano to another instrument or digital player for collaboration. On top of it, two headphone jacks are present along with MIDI input and output connection ports for sync between the digital piano and home computer.

Assembling the Package:

The package has a dismantled piano which can be easily assembled with the help of an instruction manual which is provided along with the package. The only part that the user has to assemble is the casing and the cabinet because the keyboard and the other electronics are fixed in from the very beginning. The screws and screw holes are neat and no gluing is required as well. To attach the base to the keyboard and other fixings, a complimentary screw driver is also provided.

Yamaha CLP220 88 key Digital Piano

In the Box:

Other than the dismantled Yamaha CLP-220 digital piano, the package also includes a matching adjustable headphones and an extra headphone hanger. A colour matched height adjustable piano tool is also included in the package and users also get a complimentary song book – “50 greats for the Piano”, which the users can consult to for learning or for live playing.


A three year base warranty is provided by the manufacturer. Any faults in the piano within this period will be repaired or replaced.


The Yamaha CLP-220 digital piano of the Yamaha Clavinova series is a great substitute of the acoustic piano for home users of beginners. Not only it is the best in its sound quality and resemblance to the actual piano, but also it has a horde of extra benefits and is overloaded with added features. With the various reverbs, the choice from a range of around 10 instrument voices and recording and sync features make this digital piano a desire of many. And the low budget adds to it – the Yamaha CLP-220 is priced very low and costs almost similar to what an actual acoustic piano costs. Moreover, there is no such expense in tuning and maintenance of this instrument, and the security and dependability of the Yamaha Clavinova series is beyond comparison. Thus, this low priced classy looking digital piano which is a powerhouse of a lot of extra features is surely a noteworthy instrument and has a good priority in the international market, especially amidst the beginners and learners.

Yamaha CLP-220 Digital Piano – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Yamaha
Model Name Yamaha CLP-220 digital piano
Model number CLP-220
Dimensions (H X W X D) mm 822 x 1408 x 424 mm
Weight 45 kg
Number of keys 88
Keyboard Type Graded Hammer (GH) Keyboard
Key Touch Sensitivity Hard/Medium/Soft/Fixed
Tone Generating Technology AWM Stereo Sampling
Number of Polyphony 64
Panel Language English
Voices 10
Colour/Finish Dark Rosewood/Mahogany/Cherry/Polished Ebony
Digital Effects Reverb
Effect Functions Dual/layers
Music Reset Yes
Number of Pedals Three
Pedal Functions Damp, Soft, Sostenuto
Key Cover Style Sliding
Interface MIDI IN/OUT
Speakers (12 cm x 6 cm) x 2
Amplifiers 20W x 2
Accessories included Matching Headphone;
Matching height adjustable tool;
50 greats for the Piano – Songbook;
Headphone Hanger
Internal Memory 352 KB
Connectivity Headphones x 2;
Preset Songs 50
Recording Feature Yes; 1 song or 1 track
Recording Data Capacity 65 KB ( 11,000 notes ) for song
Metronome Yes
Tempo Range 32 – 280
Transpose -6 to 0 and 0 to +6
Tuning Yes
Warranty Three years extended warranty