If you are looking for a keyboard and are not sure regarding what your type would be, then we suggest you learn about the 5 power piano player types and discover what your type is. Assuming you know your type, you can use the information to match your keyboard to your playing style. One company that is well known in the manufacture of Digital Piano keyboards is Yamaha. The largest piano manufacturer with a piano keyboard building legacy has always been popular amongst consumers. Yamaha’s famous acoustic piano quality has been artfully applied to the Yamaha digital pianos and synthesizers offering budding musicians a pleasant musical experience.

The YPT-210 is the first keyboard in Yamaha’s long list of portable keyboards. Introduced in 2007, this has many features normally found on more expensive instruments.  The on board teaching system, the easy to read backlit LCD display screen and the Auto Accompaniment feature are some of its cool features. Packed with decent features and sounds, the keyboard is ideal for beginners to discover the joy of playing a keyboard.


The Yamaha YPT-210 Portable Keyboard has a large black body with a matte finishing. It has dimensions of (H x W x D) 945 x 348 x 110 mm. The keyboard has sixty one keys that are of graded soft touch keyboard type. They have a good resistance and a light body. On the upper left and right end of the piano’s face are the huge speakers. At the centre of the body is present the main panel, that has an easy to read LCD panel along with a lot of useful buttons.  The LCD is a monochrome display with a score display function and lyrics display function. It also tells you which note to play and when to play and which finger to use from each hand when both the hands are being used.

The Yamaha YPT-210 Digital keyboard is computer compatible as well. The YPT-210 has a MIDI In / Out , a Sustain Pedal jack and a headphone jack that allows you to have private practice. With the Use of General MIDI, one can communicate with others keyboards, MIDI instruments and computers using their keyboard.  This means the XGlite compatible keyboard also has access to thousands of MIDI songs on the Internet as well. Considering that this is the pathway to the Internet, we are glad that they have decent connectivity provided on it.

Yamaha YPT-210 Portable Piano Keyboard


Portable Grand:
Assuming you take piano lessons, the keyboard is a viable choice. There is a button on the keyboard that allows you to reset the whole keyboard to a stereo sampled piano. Yamaha’s skill in producing acoustic pianos is evident as one enjoys the warmth and clarity of the Portable Grand Piano. There is a Sustain pedal jack included as well that allows players to practice and play with the piano.

Say Y.E.S!
The Yamaha Education Suite or Y.E.S is amongst the main features of the piano. The unique thing about Y.E.S is that it stands out from all other frustrating educational software we have had in the pianos. This software is user friendly and is easy to understand and helps users to learn songs and play them. The songs are separated into left and right hand parts and provide 7 levels of lessons along with a convenient chord dictionary. There are three keyboard lessons for each hand: lesson one enables you to listen and learn a melody or rhYPThm and lesson 2 is the timing mode which allows you to play a melody or chord by pressing a key using the right timing. Lesson 3 stops the playback of a song till you get the right note. There is Lesson grading included as well which monitors your progress in lessons 2 and 3 and gives you a grade. There is a chord dictionary included which shows how to play chords and tells you which chords are being played while the notes are displayed on the LED screen.

Sound Effect Kit:
Who ever thought playing the keyboard was dull? The YPT-210 Portable Piano Keyboard features the Sound Effect kit which allows the piano to produce a whole lot of sound effects such as Hip Hop beats.  All you need to do is to push the sound effect button and hold down a key with your right hand and there you go!

Real Stereo:
Some keyboards have 2 speakers which are not stereo.  Just because they have 2 speakers does not mean they have 2 separate amplifiers. Unlike those, the YPT-210 has actual stereo sampling technology.

The YPT also features a large selection of professional sound voices going by the name of XGlite. They have amazing sound quality and have 375 voices to choose from. They offer compatibility for both 3rd party and Yamaha XG software. Sounds from trumpets, harpsichords, organs, electrical pianos and even guitars are present in the keyboard.

32 Note Polyphony and 16 Part Multi-Timbrel:
The thing about electronic keyboards is that they make more sounds at a same time (that is termed polyphony) unlike ordinary keyboards which are capable of producing one sound at a time.  The more number of sounds one would want to produce at the same time more would be the memory needed because too little polyphony would cause dropouts in dense passages of music. Most keyboards in the price range of the YPT-210 have 12 note polyphony where as the YPT-210 has 32 note polyphony. Yes, the 32 note polyphony is capable of playing back 16 parts or sounds at once. That is more than enough for even the most demanding needs.

Auto Accompaniment Styles:
Apart from the 102 inbuilt songs which provide a backing hand as you play, there is also an “auto accompaniment” function provided on the YPT-210. This feature can be used by using only one finger of your left hand and adds a complete backing kind, in a style of your choice while you can add the melody with your right hand. Simply select a style from the 100 in built styles; there are different kinds of music which are covered from Classic to Rock.  The YPT-210 also has the ability to create a backup band (drums, bass etc.) and follow you through your song. Not only is this entertaining but fun to use as well.

Reverb Effect:
As a musician, there is always a need to create a sort of a reverberation effect for recorded or live music. The YPT-210 digital piano keyboard also features the reverb effect which tends to restore natural sounds, or enhance them or even create special effects.


Good for Beginners:
If you have just started to learn how to play a keyboard, then the keyboard has a lot of interactive features as well as tutorials to coach you. There are a standard set of keys and a Music book as well which make the learning experience simpler.

The Yamaha YPT-210 has a pleasant and clean sound. It is capable of producing a wide variety of sounds that are inherently distinct from each other. Though it was a digital keyboard, not once did we notice any sort of electronic touch to it, it was just too natural.

The Speakers were of decent quality and at maximum volume, the sound was strong.  Even the sound decay was pretty good. It was capable of replicating the length of a piano well.

The Package and Warranty:

Along with the main keyboard is provided a Music rest, an AC adaptor and an Instruction manual as well. There is a warranty of 2 years provided on the keyboard from the date of purchase.


If you are on a tight budget, the Yamaha YPT-210 is a great choice.  It is also a valid choice if you want to learn playing a keyboard. Considering that it not only offers value for money but a great set of features that are found on pricier keyboards, this is highly recommended. It would be a quick and effective way to learn the keyboard and is a worthwhile investment.

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Yamaha YPT-210 Digital MIDI Keyboard – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Yamaha
Model Name Yamaha YPT-210 Grand Piano Keyboard
Model number YPG535
Dimensions (H X W X D) mm 945 x 348 x 110 mm
Weight LCD
Display size 320 x 240 dots
Score and lyrics display function Yes
Display language English
Tone Generating Technology AWM Stereo Sampling
Number of Polyphony 32
Yamaha Education Suite V5 Listen and Learn, Timing, Waiting, Chord Dictionary, Grading
Voices 375
Compatibility GM and XGlite
Digital Effects Reverb : 9 types
Auto Accompaniment Styles 100
Auto Accompaniment Controls Accompaniment on/off, sync-start, start/stop,
intro/ending, main A/B (auto fill)
Variations Intro, Main x 2, Filling-in, Ending
Function Controls Volume: Accompaniment, Song, Main Voice, Metronome.
Other: Tuning, Transpose, Split Point, Main Voice Octave,
Reverb Type & Depth, Panel Sustain, Local On/Off,
External Clock, Initial Setup Send, Time Signature, Demo Cancel
Panel Controls On/Off, Master Volume, Lesson R/L, Listen & Learn,
Timing, Waiting, Chord Dictionary, Style Controls,
Tap/Tempo, Function, Song Select, Style Select,
Voice Select, Portable Grand, Sound Effect Kit,
Reverb On/Off, Numeric Selector, Metronome, Demo
Interface MIDI IN/OUT
Speakers 2
Rated Voltage DC 10-12V
Accessories included Music Rest
AC Adapter
YPT-210 Keyboard
Song Book
Headstock Bound
Humbuckers 3 Alnico Classic humbuckers
Hardware Gold hardware
Warranty Two years extended warranty