Casio has been one of the leading manufacturers of pianos over the years and also has been one of the most favourite choices of many users across the globe. This has been the trend because of the ability of the keyboards from Casio to retroflex the musical notes even digitally. If you have a slight peek into the keyboard market, you will find that there are so many varieties of digital pianos available for kinds of users and also for practice at all levels.  Of all those, the ones from Casio are slightly ahead in terms of usability and also the technology used, so that, at the end of the day it becomes easy for the user to play the keyboard. One such product from Casio is the CDP 100 88, which was released recently. But having said that, is that an ideal possession for all. Read the review to find out more about this new digital piano from Casio.

Casio CDP-100 Digital Piano Keyboard


Everyone loves to have a very sleek and attractive piano which is a very good player at the same time. Well, that is exactly what the Casio CDP-100 is all about; Sleek and attractive, and it will be an ideal piano for you to have for regular practice at home. The overall design of the Casio CDP-100 Digital Piano is simple and at the same time, it also looks pretty classy. Just like most of the keyboards in the present day market, this one has also got 88 soft touch keys. These keys are also specially designed, and this means that, you do not need to prod the keys for playing good sounds. Just a feather touch is enough. The arrangement of the keys is also pretty neat and in a manner that makes it easy to use even for the novice. With Dimensions as (W x H x D) 52-1/8″ x 10-15/16″ x 5-3/16″ and Weight: 26 lb, the Casio CDP-100 is one of the lightest and also very comfortable pianos ever. This is what the music lovers and especially the professional players would want from their keyboard.


Of course, the main duty of a piano is to deliver musical sounds. But of late, many features are being introduced into almost all the pianos in the market in order to attract the general public. But, some of them are only purely attractions rather than utilities. Hence, it is a must that you be careful before actually deciding over the pianos basing on the features that they boast about. Hence, here we are, giving you all the relevant details of the features that are seen on the Casio CDP 100 88.

Soft Touch Action:

This is the best feature of all regarding the Casio CDP 100 88 Key Digital Piano. Its soft keys, which are known as graded keys with soft touch action, give you an excellent graded feel while you are interfacing the keyboard. There are three levels of touch sensitivity and the sounds that come out also differ basing on the force with which the keys are pressed. This can turn out to be a very good idea because the musicians today are longing for fast chords and clearly it takes lesser time when the keys need less stress. This allows the musicians to play better and also faster and they can also create new beautiful musical chords. The three levels of sensitivity mean that the touch resistance offered by the keys of the Casio CDP-100 Piano Keboard differs from key to key as we move from the left to the right of the keyboard. The levels are namely Low Medium and High. The right most keys have low sensitivity and as we move to the left, the sensitivity of the keys gradually increases. This is indeed a very good idea basing on the fact that most of the musicians are right handed and they feel better when their piano works in this fashion.

Built in Songs:

There are 74 built-in songs in the Casio CDP 100 88  note piano. This helps you in first playing the songs beforehand and notice the way the piano plays different chords so that you can gain knowledge about how the chords can be played and the songs can be composed thereafter. This is a fine feature and it helps the novice users a lot in teaching them very good lessons. One can learn self lessons using this very feature from Casio.

Miscellaneous Features:

The HL sound source is one of the newly introduced features of Casio, which is seen on the CDP-100 88. This must really help you in giving better sound quality and also nice acoustics so that each and every chord will be distinct from the others and hence you get a very nice musical effect. The 5 tones and the 8 Digital effects are an opportunity for you to make more and more chords. There is also a stand provided along with the piano and the height of this stand can be varied. This can be a very useful feature as people are of different heights. The headphone jack connector is pretty useful so that others are not disturbed when you are playing the keyboard. Everything else is just good enough. But it would have been really better if there was a facility for PC connection, so that you could save the tunes composed in the form of MIDI files on your computer and they can be played again in the future. But nevertheless, it has been a good deal of features that the Casio CDP has included in it.

Casio CDP-100 Digital Piano


Even though there are quite a good number of features, the CDP 100 light weight Digital Piano keyboard must still pass the tests and prove to the world that it is here to play music but not to just show off. Here are the different performance details of this new piano from Casio that are discussed after sufficient testing of the various parts and functionalities.


The sound clarity must be very good for any piano in consideration without any exceptions. The CDP 100 has to be best piano from Casio till date and hence it must have very good sound producing mechanism. The keyboard plays very pleasant sounds which are near to CD quality. Another special ability of this piano is that it can produce a wide range of sounds when the settings are changed a little so that there is ample scope for you to make different notes and chords. Overall, the sounds that came from the piano were good and particularly after looking at the luring price tag of the piano.


Any keyboard must have very good acoustics for it to become a hit in the market today. Well, the Casio CDP-100 MIDI Piano Keyboard has got a solid sound system that complements the wonderful keyboard of it about which we have already discussed. There are two 6 x 12 cm speakers on either sides of the Casio CDP 100 88 piano. This obviously gives you a stereo sound effect. The acoustics of the keyboard are also so very arranged that the sound quality reaches the optimum level when the user is seated in front of the piano. This does not mean that the sounds are unidirectional. But anyways, a great effort is put in by Casio in producing beautiful sounds from the CDP 10088.

Distinct Sounds:

As we have already seen, the piano is capable of producing different sounds that comply with the force that is applied on the keys while playing. It looks amazing when you see the variety of sounds that it can play. The chords sound very nice and sweet when played gently and they get louder when the pressure on the keys is increased gradually. All these distinct sounds add up to give you a very pleasant music if played properly.

Battery Life:

The Casio CDP 100 completely runs on batteries and these batteries can be charged from to time using the adapter provided by Casio along with the keyboard. You can charge the batteries from time to time using the adapter provided by Casio along with the piano. The piano consumes about 18 Watts of power on an average at 12 V, talking about normal use. This power rating is pretty much on the lower side and this means that you can have hours of musical sessions with the Casio CDP 100 88 and it also does not cost you much.


The Casio CDP 100 88 comes with an international warranty of one year from the original date of purchase. This means that the piano can be repaired in any country. The piano also comes with a 90 days return policy.


The Casio CDP 100 88 is a very good choice for almost any person who is in search of good quality piano. Particularly, if you are a beginner and you need to learn a lot of lessons all by yourself then this one would be a great option for you. It is also not that pricey and for the quality of music that it delivers, it can be afforded without any second thought.

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Casio CDP-100 Digital Piano – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Casio
Model Name CDP 100
Dimensions (H x W x D) 132.3 x 27.8 x 13.2 cm
Weight 26 lbs
Keyboard 88 keys
Display Yes
Touch Response Touch
Transpose 1 octave (F# to C to F)
Pitch Bend Yes
Tuning A4 = 440.0Hz ±50 cents (adjustable)
Polyphony 32 notes, maximum
Midi 16 multi-timbre receive
Tones 5 layered
Digital effects Reverb (4 types), Chorus (4 types)
Rhythms 120
Built-in Tunes 5
Demo Songs 74
Front-panel Percussions 8
Adjustable volume Yes
Single Finger / Fingered Chord Yes
Pedal Standard Jack
Connectivity Speaker Output (L/R)
Headphone Jack
Power 12 – 18 W
Package contents 88 Keys Keyboard
Power Adaptor
Stereo Headset
Warranty 1 year